WoW, I’m back!

12 07 2007

So I’m going to try playing World of Warcraft again.

In the past, my problem has always been alts. I’ll play a character for a while, then start a new one to try out a new class or race. I’ll play that one for a while, then start a new one. Rinse, repeat until I’ve got 9 characters that are all between levels 10 and 20. And then of course I get bored with those characters because I can’t do anything fun with them. They’re all stuck in the same areas I’ve been playing in for months, and I’m tired of it. But I can’t get out of those areas until I’m higher level. It’s a vicious circle.

But this time, this time! I’m going to focus on just one character. I’ve thought long and hard about what race/class combination I wanted to play and finally decided on a gnome rogue.

The reasoning behind my choosing a gnome should be obvious.

It took me much longer to decide on the rogue class.

I’m a damage dealer. I’ve played MMOGs long enough to know that very well by now. Some people prefer to heal others, some prefer to be the meat shield and the center of attention in fights. Others, like me, prefer to stand back (or close, depending on your class) and let those numbers fly. I’m sure my preference for inflicting severe amounts of damage stems from some psychological issue, but I won’t get into that now.

Through my own experiences with the classes in World of Warcraft, I whittled my choices down to three: Hunter, Mage, and Rogue.

My highest level character, Drajha, is a level 42 hunter. She was a great character to learn the game with because hunters are very good at fighting alone. I’d sat at least 90% of all the experience she gained was solo. Hunters are a powerful class. Along with her pet, Drajha could kill things several levels above her, even in the 40s. Having already played a hunter in to the 40s, I didn’t want to spend all my time doing the same thing. Plus, hunters can get a tad boring. For the most part, you just send your pet in to attack, and stand back firing arrows at it. The creature, not your pet. At least, that’s the way I played.

The Mage class is fun. They get all kinds of nifty spells, and a lot of big nukes. Ernst, my level 34 gnome mage, was a blast to play, and even more fun to roleplay. Downsides, though, are mages’ downtimes – having to wait for their mana and health to regen. This isn’t usually a problem in groups because you can ration yourself, but remember that I’m a big soloer. One other downside is that mages don’t get to go shopping for sweet weapons. I like shopping for daggers and swords. Mmhmm.

That leaves me with the rogue class. I’ve already played a rogue to level 27, and another to level 16. With Drev, my level 27 rogue, I think I went mostly with Subtlety talents, and some Assassination. He was fun, due to various circumstances, I stopped playing him. Rogues in WoW are a LOT more fun to play than rogues in Everquest. In EQ, a rogue wasn’t much more than a backstabbing machine. Which is fine and good, but it made the class fairly flat. Rogues in WoW get a lot more useful skills, while still being a damage-dealing powerhouse. Downsides… rogues can only ever wear leather armor, and soloing gets more difficult as you gain levels.

So after carefully weighing the pros and cons of each of these three classes, I decided to go with the rogue. Sneaking around and picking pockets is fun, and they can do some serious damage. Plus, of the three classes in the running, it’s the one I’ve played the least.

I’ve started my new rogue, Clancey on the Sisters of Elune server, and I’m up to level 8 already. Right now it’s kind of a struggle to get him higher level, because quite frankly, level 1-15 or so are a drag. After 15, the class begins to grow stronger and you start to get some worthwhile skills. I’m going to force myself to stick with this character, to show myself that I can.

Because I know I can.




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4 01 2008
your woman

That lasted a long time. Nice work. Well, at least we have Enyx.

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